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"Before I discovered Chiropractors in the mid1990's, I had suffered with regular bouts of debilitating back pain, being unable to move because of the acute pain on some occasions. With regular treatment, and by taking care of myself, those days have essentially passed, and therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael Bailey to anyone new to, or familiar with, Chiropractic care."

Sarah D. Drinkstone

"The treatment I have received has been excellent...My improvement was apparent from my first treatment and I continued to feel improvement with every visit...The difference my treatment has made to my life is amazing. From being unable to carry out routine daily tasks to being back to my usual self & also now attending exercise classes is wonderful...Thanks to the skillful treatment to rectify my neck & back pain I have been able to resume my normal, healthy lifestyle."

Tania Russell

"I have suffered with back pain on and off pretty much for 20 years and most of the time just taken painkillers prescribed by the doctor and battled my way through the pain. After a freak accident playing rounders with my family and spending 5 weeks of my life laid on the floor I was recommended a chiropractor. After my first consultation and taking an hour to get in and out of the car I have never looked back! I can't thank that person's recommendation enough!! Without the help of a chiropractor I probably would not be where I am today. I initially had two sessions a week and now only need a session every 5/6 weeks to ease out any niggles I have. My life has changed for the better and although I can't do everything I used to do, I am able to do most things life throws my way!"

Mrs N Hughes

"Although now retired, I have always led and enjoyed a very active life style. Unfortunately in 2010, I suffered severe pain to my lower back and numbness to my lower leg that kept me from doing all the things I enjoy. A pain that progressively worsened over a four month period, leaving me unable to walk less than a hundred yards without having to sit and rest, but perhaps worst of all was the sleepless nights…After several visits to my GP, who prescribed pain-killers and two cortisone injections the situation didn’t improve any.
Thankfully, my wife had the good sense to make me an appointment to see Mr Bailey, who after just two visits had me sleeping, walking and doing all the things I enjoy without the dreadful pain, and I haven’t taken a single pain-killer since that very first visit. The numbness has since left my leg and I am now able to resume the life style I enjoy, all thanks to Mr Bailey’s skill and intervention for which I will be forever grateful.

Mr Felgate, Claydon

"Just a few lines to say how pleased I was with the treatment I received, and how quickly I saw the benefits."
Mr Mead, Stowmarket

"I went to see Michael Bailey after several years of putting up with a bad back.He made me feel completely at ease as soon as I met him and seemed to totally understand my symptoms. Thanks to him I am now completely pain free with so much more mobility and flexibility and I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent Chiropractor!"
Mrs Fargher, Stowmarket

"Dear Michael, I would like to thank you for all your help and support during the last 9 years at Diss and also Stowmarket. I really have no idea where I would be now without it. I am now in the position that I can go out and enjoy my retirement and your help cannot be under estimated."
A H Suffolk

"In the past I have always gone to an osteopath. I changed to Michael Bailey and found Chiropractic methods gentle and effective. On various occasions when I have suffered acute back pain, Michael has been able to treat this very successfully. I would not hesitate in recommending Michael Bailey to anyone considering Chiropractic treatment."
Helen Lang, Stowmarket

"After trying medicine, physiotherapy and osteopathy for my condition, I turned to chiropractic as a last resort. Having received so much help from chiropractic treatment, I always recommend Michael to my friends and family when they have a back problem or injury."
Mrs P J Bury, Barningham.

"After suffering for several years and having time off work due to back problems, I was told by other healthcare professionals there was nothing they could do to help me. In desperation I went to see Michael Bailey. I was in considerable pain and my back was twisted. After a few visits for corrective treatment my back soon improved. I now only visit for maintenance. I thoroughly recommend this treatment as my quality of life has improved immensely."
Mr Muskett, Stowupland

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